Zoe Bloom

Consultant Solicitor


Zoë is a family solicitor with specialist expertise in handling financial negotiations relating to separation. Her practice consists of acting for and against entrepreneurs and high profile business people, as well as those with media exposure. Such work is often accompanied by difficult international elements including cross border tax issues and/or jurisdictional questions.

Clients benefit from Zoë’s background as a private client advisor, her international contacts and her dynamic and robust approach to all financial issues including disclosure and enforcement.

Zoë has an active collaborative practice and is a member of Resolution.


  • Divorce/separation
  • International divorce
  • Financial settlements following divorce
  • Financial settlement following the breakdown of relationships (non married couples)
  • Nuptial agreements, particularly those with international elements
  • Negotiations
  • Variation of previous settlements and agreements
  • Obtaining a very significant settlement for the wife of a businessman who sought to protect his assets through complicated business and trust structures
  • Renegotiating an agreement to take into account a change in circumstances resulting in a much fairer outcome
  • Protecting and preserving the family home when the other party was intent on using it to discharge his own liabilities
  • Obtaining freezing orders over net proceeds of sale and other assets on behalf of a husband who feared they would be divested by the wife
  • Enforcing an order for sale including multiple successful applications for the judge to sign documents which the other party refused to do
  • Preparing a post nuptial agreement for a Swedish couple moving into the UK to reflect the terms of their Swedish prenuptial agreement
  • Acting for the wife following a short childless marriage and obtaining a financial settlement to enable her to buy her own property outright
  • Zoë is named as one of the top 50 recommended family lawyers in the country in Spear’s index 2017

  • Zoe Bloom of Keystone Law specialises in high net worth and complex matrimonial finance disputes, and has a particular expertise in acting for entrepreneurs and Nordic-based nationals. One source notes that “her greatest strength is combining compassion with efficiency. She addressed every issue thoroughly and promptly.”
    Chambers UK (2014)

  • Member of Resolution
Career History
2010 Keystone Law | Consultant Solicitor
2008-2010 McGuire Woods | Senior Consultant
2004-2008 Grundberg Mocatta Rakison | Senior Associate
2004 Qualified as a Solicitor
2002-2004 Rooks Rider | Trainee Solicitor

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